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About Plimpton Obstetrics & Gynecology

We are a one physician office with a dedicated staff that prides themselves on ease of access and comprehensive care for women of all ages.  We not only know our patients, we befriend our patients.  We are here for you every hour of every day.

Dr. Plimpton's Vision

Dr. Plimpton and his staff have been providing care for women and their families for almost thirty years and proudly claim to have delivered generations of families.  Women who were delivered by Dr. Plimpton are now returning to start their families with Dr. Plimpton. His offices are filled with memoribilia of the thousands of families that have expanded under his care.  He has and always will care for his patients as his own and guide and protect them through the ever complex world of healthcare.  He prides himself on his very low c-section rate and expertise at breech presentations and ultrasound in pregnancy. He keeps his patients and their families involved in every aspect of their own care and strives to make sure that every experience is a joyful and memorable one.

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